Mid-State Fair Carcass Dinner awarded $5,530 to top 10 exhibitors and breeders

The top 10 Carcass Class Awards for 2016 were given Sept. 1 at the Paso Robles Event Center to honor those who reared market steers eligible for competition, with carcasses being graded at harvest facilities by U.S. Department of Agriculture graders.
All market steers entered into the 2016 fair that were eligible for carcass awards must have been graded USDA Select+ or higher.
Mid-State Fair CEO Michael Bradley said that the market steers are produced for harvesting and those eligible for the carcass award are honored each year at the annual dinner.
"The results are given after the fair each year and all of the young people were recognized for their work breeding and exhibiting steers," he said. "The top 10 were given monetary winnings, belt buckles and were recognized at the annual carcass dinner."
This year's top 10 exhibitors and breeding partners were:
Exhibitor, Jesslyn Blank of Tepleton FFA and breeder took 1st Place Gold Seal and $785.
Exhibitor, Jess Wilson of Parkfield 4-H and Breeder, Cory Reid of Wheatland, CA took 2nd Place and $730.
Exhibitor, Trevor Straeck of Atascadero FFA and Breeder, Hyder Cattle of Springville, CA took 3rd Place and $680.
Exhibitor, Camryn Roth of Templeton FFA and Breeder, Cal Cherry of Paso Robles Ca took 4th Place Gold Seal and $630.
Exhibitor, Tabitha Vander Horst of Edna 4-H and Breeder, Colburn Cattle Co from Visalia, CA C of M took 5th Place, 4-H CH X-Bred and $580.
Exhibitor, Katie Taylor of Templeton 4-H and Breeder, Joe Simonin of Templeton Ca, took 6th Place and $525.
Exhibitor, Sarah Sandoval of Morro Bay 4-H and Breeder, Rocking D-C Ranch of San Luis Obispo took 7th Place and $475.
Exhibitor, Mattie Lindsey of Templeton 4-H and Breeder, John Whitson of Templeton Ca, took 8th Place, Gold Seal and $425.
Exhibitor, Casey Nauta of Atascadero FFA and Breeder, Greg Nauta of San Luis Obispo took 9th Place, C of M and $375.
Exhibitor, Jake Walker of San Luis Obispo FFA and Breeder Silva Cattle of Kingsburg, Ca took 10th Place, C of M and $325.
Bradley said that Carcass Class Awards honor both the exhibitor and breeder of a market steer and, in terms of the young persons in competition, one of the most important things about the fair is the learning experience.
"Through the fair these young people are purview to an unparalleled learning experience in competition and each are contributing to the food chain by raising steers for market," Bradley said. "So when they purchase and raise a steer they are trying to produce the best of the best for consumers. These animals are broken down to the carcass and then judged by USDA standers and quality and the animal is evaluated, scored and ranked."
He added, "It means that they have accomplished a lot raising a steer that is high grade and have a much better understanding for what it takes to accomplish this in the real world as our top beef producers do every day."
Bradley and the Mid-State Fair are able to host carcass class awards through Carcass sponsors, including Atascadero Trail Riders, Cagliero Ranches, Ray Dauth, Estrella Ranch, Farm Supply, H&H Plumbing, JB Dewar, Jr. Livestock Support Club, Mark Switzer Excavation, Paso Robles Waste, San Miguel Flouring, Jim & Debbie Saunders, Simonin Livestock, SLO Cattlemen’s Association, Specialty Silicone Fabricators and Visalia Livestock Market.
To learn more about market steer competition, register an animal for next year's Mid-State Fair and see Livestock Judging results for the year 2016, visit midstatefair.com.