Central Coast Trail Rides

Enjoy 1-hour rides at Horsetail Ranch and beyond

HorseTail Ranch, located just outside of Creston, is the perfect destination for equine enthusiasts looking for some outdoor adventure.
Guests visiting the ranch will be greeted by caretakers Crystal and Brian Hallett, who live in a house near the front entrance of the property and operate their business Central Coast Trail Rides out of the nearby 12-stall barn, offering one-hour horseback tours of the ranch to those staying on the property and the general public as well.
“The whole place has a very country vibe,” Crystal Hallett said. “City folks come here when they want to get dirty.”
Trail rides at HorseTail Ranch take riders “pretty much from fence line to fence line,” Crystal said, giving visitors a great view of all 150 acres of the ranch, over rugged hillsides, through open meadows and along ridges featuring beautiful views in every direction.
“It’s interesting terrain,” Crystal Hallett said. “You’re not just riding on flat land, and we always ride in a circle so you never have to backtrack.”
The tours can accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes and all skill levels, and ages ranging from “8 years old to 75.” The Halletts also give riders a chance to go at their own pace.
“I’m really flexible with pace,” Crystal said. “If you feel comfortable and I feel like we’re on the same page, we can do a little trotting, maybe a little loping.”
The trail rides also provide an opportunity to see some of the wildlife in the area, as some type of animal is spotted on nearly every ride, Crystal said, from bald eagles and red-tailed hawks to foxes, deer, bobcats, coyotes and snakes.
“It’s really unique,” she said. “Every ride out here you see a new animal. You actually see a lot of wildlife in a one-hour ride on this property. Nobody’s really on this property, so it’s animal territory.”
For those interested in staying at the ranch, the five-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot Villa rents for $1,050 per night or $6,000 per week, and the one-bedroom cabin rents for $350 per night or $2,295 per week. Horseback tours of the ranch with Central Coast Trail Rides cost $75 for a one-hour ride, and guests staying on the property receive a $5 discount.
HorseTail Ranch is located at 7261 O’Donovan Road in Creston. For more information, visit HorseTail-Ranch.com or call 805-966-2888.